Waffles from Cafe Medina. Photo credit: Issha Marie.

We’ve compiled lists of the most recommended breakfast/brunch spots, Asian restaurants, and patisseries in Vancouver, based on interviews with our chefs.

Best Breakfast/Brunch

1. Café Medina (mentioned by Chefs Clement Chan, Thomas Haas, Steve Kuan, David Robertson, Vikram Vij and Taryn Wa)
2. Fable (mentioned by Chefs Meeru Dhalwala and Steve Kuan)

Best Asian

1. Maenam (mentioned by Chefs Alex Chen, Jonathan Chovancek, Thomas Haas, Pino Posteraro and Taryn Wa)
2. HK B.B.Q. Master (mentioned by Chefs Angus An, Clement Chan, Alex Chen and Steve Kuan)
3. (tie) Phnom PenhDynasty Seafood Restaurant, Motomachi ShokudoZakkushi and Bao Bei

Best Sweets

1. Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie (mentioned by Chefs Angus An, Alex Chen, Meeru Dhalwala, Steve Kuan, Pino Posteraro and David Robertson)
2. BETA 5 (mentioned by Chefs Clement Chan, Thomas Haas and Steve Kuan)
3. (tie) Thierry, Nero Belgian Waffle Bar


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